Eliminating Roaming Fees while traveling is Simple!
TheTravelers Mobile simple strategy of using a local SIM when traveling is the same as what most Savvy travelers already do.

But, don’t take Our word for it, see what others say.

(Federal Communications Commission) recommend on Their Wwebsite.

“If your phone is capable, consider buying a “SIM” card with a local number in the country you’re visiting, effectively turning the handset into a local phone.”

Trip Advisor
recommend on Their Website.

“In general the only answer to excessive roaming fees is to use a phone service from the country you are visiting.”

The Better Business Bureau
recommend on Their Website.

“Buy a SIM Card Once You’ve Landed: This is often the cheapest option, but requires a little more work. A local SIM card you purchase abroad will come with a local phone number.”

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