Return & Refund Policy

Canadian Travelers Mobile Limited offers high quality products from high quality suppliers. Warranties and Guarantees are provided by the individual manufacturer or carrier, should your product be defective, contact the manufacturer or carrier.

Should your carrier be unable to resolve your problem please contact Travelers Mobile customer service at 1-800-995-2052. There is no refund or return if there has been no attempt to contact Travelers Mobile for a resolution, at the time of your travel.

Before purchase consult the manufacturer or carrier website for terms and conditions. All Prepaid products purchased online are NOT refundable. There are no cancellations of online orders that have been shipped successfully.

Specifically Prepaid Phone and Data plans refunds terms are dictated by the individual carriers. Please see the carrier’s website for their individual terms and conditions. In general all carriers will NOT provide refunds or other compensation for unused airtime balances, lost or stolen prepaid cards, or coupons. A defective SIM will be replaced for the cost of Shipping and Handling. To use any Prepaid Service you must have a prepaid account balance; Service will be suspended when your account balance reaches zero. The charges for Service and the expiration period for your prepaid account balance may vary; see your carrier’s website for more information. You must use your account balance before the expiration date.

Lost or Stolen Equipment
. To avoid unauthorized use of your Service, if your Device is lost or stolen you may notify your carrier by visiting their website or by calling their customer service line as listed on their website. Upon receiving notice that your Device is lost or stolen, your carrier will temporarily deactivate your Service. To re-activate your Service you must notify your carrier that you have purchased a new SIM card and wish to resume your Service. The suspension period will not alter the expiration date of the Service for which you have paid prior to your Device being lost or stolen. The time period for which you have paid will continue to run and your Service will expire on the Expiration Date. If your Service has expired prior to you notifying your carrier that you have purchased a new SIM card and wish to re-activate then you will be required to pay for the full cost of the Service plan you select at time of re-activation.

Note: While Travelers Mobile sells travel SIMs which are clearly for a specific trip, Travelers Mobile cannot guarantee delivery times as they are subject to National and International mail carriers. There is NO Refund for delivery after your departure date. It is your responsibility to order your SIM with sufficient time for delivery. Please see our delivery policy for estimates of delivery time. Note, these are estimates only and are not guaranteed.

There is a brief time between the placement of an order and shipping of a SIM and emailing of the PIN. If a request to cancel the order is received before the SIM is shipped and/or the PIN is emailed, there may be the ability to provide a refund, less a restocking fee of 20%.

After the SIM has been shipped and/or the PIN emailed there is No Refund available, as per the carriers refund policy.

How do I order a replacement SIM?

IF your SIM is physically defective, you can order a replacement SIM for just the cost of shipping. Travelers Mobile recommends using at least registered mail to ensure delivery.
If you place an order, for a US carrier SIM, with regular delivery and the SIM does not arrive on time, Travelers Mobile can send a replacement SIM.

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Canadian Travelers Mobile Limited reserves the right to modify this Refund Policy at its discretion.

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