lebara LogoGetting Started with your Lebara Mobile Service in the UK


Activating the SIM:

  1. Your Lebara SIM is pre-activate and ready for use when you land
  2. Once in the UK, insert the Lebara SIM and Dial *#100# and press the call button to display your Lebara number on your screen

Plans and Refills:

  1. Purchase an instant refill voucher from the following options:
    • On-line go to: http://lebara.co.uk/shop
    • Go to a Lebara store
    • Go to any local Tesco store or corner store
      NOTE: Some international credit cards are not accepted on-line in the UK
  2. To enter your voucher code you have the below options:

Customer Service:

For customer service once your phone is activated dial 5588 from your mobile phone

While traveling in the UK you can contact Lebara UK directly at: 0870 075 5588

Additional contact information is available at: http://lebara.co.uk/contactus

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