Free VoIP

Vonage Mobile

vonage Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an option for making free out-bound calls with your mobile on WiFi or 3G service when you are abroad. The Vonage Mobile app can help you with this and can be downloaded for free in both the Apple iTunes Store and Android Play Store. When you load the app on your mobile device, it registers with your device and number. This option is primarily for making phone calls and texting options are limited. Also note, that installing the app on more than one device, such as on your mobile phone and on you tablet, will cause instability in the program. When using this app all calls to any North American number are free.
Download the Vonage Mobile App now for iPhone and Android from or search for Vonage Mobile in iTunes or Google Play.

Free Text

Text +

The Text+ app is a great option for individuals wanting to eliminate excessive roaming fees when travelling abroad. The app is available for free on all Apple (IOS), Android devices, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. It is a simply SMS app which allows the user to send and receive SMS text messages over the IP network. With the Text+ app will allow you to SMA text any North American number free from any WiFi hot spot worldwide. Additionally, if you buy a data plan for your mobile device you can SMS text North America free from anywhere.


Download the Text+ app now for iPhone and Android from or search for Text+ Mobile in iTunes or Google Play.

Free Data Manager

My Data Manager

My Data MAnagerIf you do not want a surprise, either while traveling or at home, you need to have an App to monitor your data use.  Recently I was visiting a friend who told me he received a phone call from his carrier, saying he had over run his data plan, and he should buy the next plan up, for an extra $20 per month.   That sounds like good advice, but what if he does not really need to spend the extra $20 per month? Maybe he just needs to delete a few Apps that are not being used, but use data regularly.   I learned what Apps were using data while not in use by installing My Data Manager.  I installed the App and then left my phone for a few hours.  When I picked it up, I learned the phone had used several megabytes of data, but I did nothing with it.  One App that used the most data was my weather App.  I considered how little I actually used the APP, but on a schedule the App would check the weather so when I did look at the App, it would have the information I needed.   Instead I choose to place a bookmark onto the same service website.   Then on the rare occasion a quick look out my window did not tell me what the weather was, I could check the website.   Drastically reducing my data use.  I reviewed several other Apps with the same thought, is the data use worth it?  I deleted several little used Apps and cut my data use by 25%.
Download the My Data Manager App now for iPhone and Android from or search for My Data Manager in iTunes or Google Play.

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