Travelers Mobile, founded on October 1, 2012 is dedicated to meeting the mobile communications needs of international travelers, traveling to the USA, Canada, UK & Australia. Our aim is to deliver the best value products and services while being cost effective. We solve the problem of how to Avoid Roaming Charges. We have facilities in Washington USA, BC Canada and the UK and help all international travelers avoid international roaming fees.

The best value in Mobile Phone service is always a local in country service. Travelers Mobile acts as a distributor of local and established mobile phone companies to international travelers. Most mobile phone companies will only sell and ship their product in their country, making it difficult for travelers to secure reasonable priced mobile phone service before they travel. Travelers Mobile sells service in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the UK, plus offers a world SIM for other destinations.



Travelers Mobile searches for the best value and performance from local network providers and negotiates plans specifically designed for travelers. All of the Travelers Mobile packages are prepaid, no contract and can be purchased ahead of time and delivered to customers before their scheduled departure date, or to the hotel or address at their destination. This allows travelers to set up call forwarding, change voice mail and inform important contacts, to include their temporary local number at their destination.



Why choose Travelers Mobile?

Mobile phone carriers regularly charge from $0.50 up to $3.00 per minute when roaming internationally. These prices do not include the long distance charges that also apply. In addition, expensive mobile data roaming rates ranging between $5.00-$30.00 per MB. This is why most travelers choose to turn off their data on their smartphone when they are abroad. With a smartphone it is not uncommon for roaming fees to exceed $100 per day while traveling. With the simple Travelers Mobile packages and plans, our customers save on roaming fees by up to 98%.

In addition to saving money, traveling with a mobile phone can be a challenge due to various bands different carriers use. Not all carriers use the same radio frequencies, so a phone from one carrier may not work with a different carrier in a different country. Travelers Mobile only use carriers which use common international radio frequencies.

The Travelers Mobile simple strategy of unlocking your GSM phone and purchasing a local SIM when traveling is the same as what most Savvy travelers already do, and is exactly what Telus Mobility (Canada’s second largest mobile phone company) recommends on the Telus website they state “you would benefit from unlocking your device prior to your trip and purchasing a local SIM”

Clearly roaming is not the answer…

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