Eliminating Roaming Fees while traveling is Simple!

The Travelers Mobile simple strategy of using a local SIM when traveling is the same as what most Savvy travelers already do.

Do not take our word for it, see what others say

The USA FCC(Federal Communications Commission) recommend on Their Website.

“If your phone is capable, consider buying a “SIM” card with a local number in the country you’re visiting, effectively turning the handset into a local phone.”

Trip Advisor
recommend on Their Website.

“In general the only answer to excessive roaming fees is to use a phone service from the country you are visiting.”

The Better Business Bureau
recommend on Their Website.

“Buy a SIM Card Once You’ve Landed: This is often the cheapest option, but requires a little more work. A local SIM card you purchase abroad will come with a local phone number.”


  • Thank you for all your help over the past four months.  I know I am technically challenged and it was so nice to have the ability to call your support line whenever I had a problem.  Even when the problem was not related to the service you sold me, your support staff was always willing to help.  Next year I will be back.

    -Next year I will be back.
  • I love the US SIM and Unlock you provided for our recent trip to the US.  The unlock was so simple and easy, and with the phone configuration app the phone worked perfectly.  It was really so easy. This was our first time doing this, and we will never travel again without getting a SIM from Travelers Mobile.  So Simple even an old man like me can understand.

    -I love the US SIM and Unlock
  • I travel to the US several times a month and my roaming bill has been over $300 per month, even with the Rogers Travel Plans.   I now spend $55 per month with you folks, and I get unlimited calling Canada and the US, and all my emails etc.  This is better than great.  I call home to my wife and children every night I am away, because it is unlimited we talk for over an hour.  It is so great to hear long stories of the events of the day from my children.  I feel so much closer to home now, there is no longer stress about roaming fees.  This is such a great service. Moderator Note: Unlocks are permanent and good for any country in the world.

    -Thank you for my new US phone service.
  • Thank you for the US SIM and Unlocking my phone.  My trip to Palm Springs was so much more relaxed knowing I was safe.  If my car broke down I could call for help.  I am now going on a trip to the UK, Is my Unlock still good for that trip, and can you please tell me which UK SIM I should get?

    -Thank you for the US SIM and Unlocking my phone.
  • Just want to drop you a note, telling you how your wonderful service saved my Canadian bacon.   My family bought two US SIMs from you for a family vacation in Florida, which included a cruise.  It was fantastic to land in Florida and our phones were working perfectly on the Red Pocket service as soon as we landed.  First use was to tell the less than knowledgeable taxi driver how to get to our hotel, using the navigation app on my phone. Between the benefit of being able to connect with each other at theme parks or the mall and checking the next trolley bus by text message just having the two SIMs was well worth it.  But the real savior was when we were on the cruise ship. The ship was late getting back in port due to weather.  We were not going to be able to make our flights, we had to rebook.  the terms of our ticket were such that if we did not rebook 2 hours before the scheduled flight, we would forfeit the tickets and have to buy new tickets, no refund.  The cruise ships crew and customer service were less than useless, but I was able to connect with the airline using my cell phone.  I spent many hours on hold, but once connected I was able to rebook the flights in time, no extra fee. Not only did I save the cost of four last minute flights to Canada, but the hours on the phone on hold not roaming. As I said, you folks saved my Canadian bacon big time, Thanks So Much.

    -Saved my Canadian bacon
  • Thank you so much for your service.  I was not sure I really needed the US SIM you sold me but it sure came in handy.  I was going on a cruise, I bought everything from the travel agent, so I would be guaranteed to make the ship.  Well not so guaranteed.  First the cockpit door would not lock so we could not take off, then we were rerouted on a flight to San Francisco although the ship was in Fort Lauderdale. I spent a day in San Francisco, calling the airline, calling my travel agent, trying to find out how I was going to get to my ship.  I was on the phone for hours.  Eventually I was sent home and my money refunded.   Since I had your SIM I did not have any cost for all my calling, I don’t think the travel agent would have covered all my roaming fees had I been using my Canadian phone.  I am convinced; I will never travel the US again without one of your SIMs.   Thank you so much.

    -Thank you so much for your service.
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